Our goal

Keep you and our employees safe while we flatten the curve and keep ourselves well.

General: We are aiming for no more than 2 patients in the office at a time, and no more than 1 person in the lab at a time. 

For lab draws and IVs: We are rotating rooms, cleaning all chairs/surfaces in between patients and changing pillowcases between all patient visits.

For everyone’s safety, we now wish for everyone in the building to be masked.

I. Masks– 

  Anyone going anywhere in public (where others are nearby) should wear a mask.

  All patients in our office need to wear masks. 

  If you do not have a mask, see this video on how to make one at home. 

II. We offer now COVID-19 antibody testing.  

Anyone who wants to know if they have been exposed to COVID can test, but at this moment, it is especially recommended for other ‘Essential’ workers in town who want to know if they have already had COVID. Most people can wait for insurance-covered testing.

What does this COVID lab test for?

3 Antibodies

IgM = current infection

IgG= past infection 

IgA= mucous membrane involvement

Results will be back in about 5-6 days.

There are 2 ways for testing right now, and a third option available within a week or so.

(I was off on the pricing by $10 – here are the updated prices ~)

1) Phlebotomist comes to your home (Susan from Vestra Labs); $149 + $35 home phlebotomy charge = $184

2) WELL patients can come for a blood draw at Blue Oak; $149 + $25 for our lab to process = $174

3) Coming soon: Drop-ship will be available by the end of the week or by next week, where a test kit is sent to your home and you perform a finger stick and send it back to the lab. $149 + $15 charge on our end for processing time = $164.

* Anyone testing positive for acute illness MUST have a minimum of a 15-minute phone consult to review your results and point you in the right direction. We will have you sign a waiver saying you agree to meet with one of our Doctors if you test positive. *

Blood testing is through Vibrant America and is more accurate than nasal swabs.

Pricing: We can supply you with the CPT and ICD 10 codes for hopeful insurance reimbursement for this test. You can also pay for the above testing with your HSA/FSA/Flex spending account.

How to know if you should be tested from home, come in, or wait for finger poke test 

Our suggestion is: Wait. 

If you are curious to know if you have had COVID, just wait. The local lab will likely have this available soon and will be covered under insurance. 

If you want to know sooner than the local labs can test, then wait till next week for the finger poke.

If you want to be tested ASAP, see our criteria for home testing via mobile phlebotomist vs in-office testing:

Phlebotomist coming to your home – anyone can choose this option as soon as tomorrow. Call our office at 322-WELL. We must initiate the test order and then you will be called to schedule an appt for mobile Phlebotomy testing.

2) Candidates for testing at Blue Oak Clinic:

   – Asymptomatic person (no cough, shortness of breath, fever) because we are waiting for PPE (personal protective equipment). *Come wearing a mask.*

# of kits: As of this morning, we had the ability to test 14 asymptomatic people. Almost all of these tests are already spoken for.

By this Friday or Monday, we will have the ability to test many more people in-office, but we will have no more than 1 patient in the lab at a time. 

When you have an appt for a draw: Call from your car to let us know you are here. 

Wait in your car until you are called to come in or we can draw from your car.  

Until we have PPE, this is our rule: 

NO one is allowed to come in if they are ill. Sorry! Once we have our PPE in, we can test symptomatic patients (in one designated area of the office). 

Unsure if you are Asymptomatic??

Having mild symptoms (of i.e. allergies) and not sure if you are considered asymptomatic?

– In the case of someone who has mild symptoms (ie watery eyes, sneezing) and they are unsure if symptoms overlap with COVID:  

3 options: 

Phlebotomist with PPE comes to your home to perform the test.

We are offering quick visits to help you know if you can come get tested at our office, or not. 

Phone visits will be 5 min or less, and we’ll charge $ 20. The cost will be adjusted for longer consults, at our regular rates.

c. Wait for the drop ship fingerstick test. We were told it will be available late this week or early next week.

If ANYONE comes in and is symptomatic you will be asked to go back outside.

Do you have a friend or family member who wants to be tested via Blue Oak Clinic?

By law we cannot give health advice to someone who is not our patient; this includes ordering testing for people. We must have a file for the person and have all of their info for a follow-through appointment if needed.

We are offering 15 minute $65 visits to establish care in order to be tested. 

This will not be sufficient to serve as an official New Patient Visit (those are 75-90 minutes and are very thorough, as you know). However, we will discount these people’s first full visit by 10% if they schedule the new visit within 6 months from now.