This post is regarding Coronavirus. Our goal is to keep you safe and to offer knowledge that may be helpful for warding off or reducing the severity of illness. 
If you believe you may have been exposed to Coronavirus, call us, but do not come in. We will direct you to the Pima County Health Department.
We do not have test kits and testing is limited to those who fit the criteria, see link. Also click the tabs re: prevention (including the link to CDC travel info).
For those who are elderly and less vital or immune-compromised, we do suggest you minimize your contact with big groups and consider hunkering down at home.
Especially for those patients who may have a weaker vitality or who tell us “everything goes to my lungs when I get sick,” we suggest you begin the basic prevention recommendations listed in Dr Peter’s blog. We love this thorough guide, below, written by Dr Stark & Mehrabani’s former classmate and respected author, Dr Peter Bongiorno, (ND, LAc):
At the least, most people can take Vit C, safely, under 10,000 mg, and will know when it’s too much when they get diarrhea (ramp up beginning at 1,000mg). If you would like specific recommendations (i.e. based on your own blood levels of D), please schedule a phone consult. 
Another blog we like that has solid nutritional suggestions:
Finally, we do provide high dose Vitamin C IVs. 
If you think you might want one, we must do a couple of tests if we give above 10g of Vit C, so please come get tested for that ahead of time (ex: kidney function. G6PD, may as well test D while you’re at it).
Prepare to wait about one week for those results to come in. 
Stay healthy and reach out if you need guidance.
All of us here at Blue Oak Clinic