Dear patients of Blue Oak Clinic,
We at Blue Oak promote social distancing/staying HOME. More important than any supplement or herb you can take is to STAY HOME for the moment.

We have been following the patterns of CV spread in other countries and are passing on an article that will help you better understand this.

We believe the virus is one that many of us are going to get. The goal now is to not overwhelm our hospitals, as approximately 20% of infected people may require hospitalization. We must slow the spread!

Spend some time on this article. We should be aiming for the 1 in 8 (or better). Hover over the different bar graphs for a bit (on top of all the dots) and see how we can slow this virus down by limiting contact. *** Please read this: ***

Blue Oak Clinic’s policy on limiting contact:

For now, we are open, but…

We are moving to mostly phone consults and Doctors Stark and Mehrabani are only doing phone consults right now.

We will be asking for a CC # in advance, so we can streamline over the phone check outs.

If you come for supplements:
Call us from your car to tell us what we can bring you: call 322-WELL (9355). You can pay us over the phone with your CC. We can also mail you items.

We will be limiting the purchase of certain products to one per person/family.

If you are headed to our office, do NOT come inside if you have any of these symptoms:

From the CDC:

The following symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure.*

Shortness of breath
If you develop emergency warning signs for COVID-19 get medical attention immediately. Emergency warning signs include*:

Difficulty breathing or shortness of breath
Persistent pain or pressure in the chest
New confusion or inability to arouse
Bluish lips or face

If you suspect you have Coronavirus – do NOT come to Blue Oak – we do NOT have test kits.

If you suspect Coronavirus
Only go if you are truly sick – we can help you determine when the time is right.
Banner Urgent Care is a place to go, but they are already overwhelmed and you don’t want to be in a setting with other ill people. We hope none of our patients will try to seek testing for the sniffles, for example.
Dr Stark just called and testing is $200 but testing is VERY limited as they are so short on kits. Very ill people have priority on those tests, obviously, so it is unlikely one could be able to get tested.

In person visits
As of today, Dr Luevano is doing in person visits and for our most vulnerable patients, she is doing (local) house calls (reg visit plus $75 for travel time).
Dr Damon Sage (LAc) is still seeing patients with chronic pain.

Blood draws
We are asking people with routine/annual labs to postpone their lab work and follow up visits.
If you need to discuss your ongoing health issue, make a phone consult.

Vitamin C – oral and IV C can be helpful as an anti-viral.
While we promote physical distancing, we also know that we have service that may be helpful. We cannot perform a Vit C IV if you/we suspect CV infection. This may change in the coming months when more of us have had the virus, but for now, we cannot risk increasing the spread.
WE MUST have a certain test done before administering high doses of IV C and that takes a week to come back.

Phone Consults
We are doing 15+ minute phone consults for advice on customizing treatments and providing advice during this time. If you have a lot of questions or have a complicated health history, you may schedule up to 60 minute phone visits.

It is possible we may need to postpone the chronic issues/routine/“check in” visits as we make room for phone consults specifically regarding one’s own predispositions to contracting the virus and tips for reducing spread, plus ways to help us reduce severity and duration of the illness.

We will be looking at recent labs and asking how much ie Vit D you have been taking and provide guidance on how much to take now/in the event of illness.
The dosing on nutrients and herbs varies WIDELY, so please understand we must treat *each individual* and only low doses are okay as a blanket recommendation. For now, please see the following links and stay tuned for more guidance on our end.

Big overview from a classmate of Dr Stark and Mehrabani with general ideas- – Natural Therapies and What You Should Know 3-8-2020.pdf

Great diet and lifestyle suggestions (and recipes)-

Yale trained MD who was first an Herbalist and Midwife –

Looking ahead, how we can help you:

Your Blue Oak Doctors are staying up to date on the best ways to help when one becomes ill. We are trying our best to keep items in stock.

As this develops, we have our finger on the pulse regarding certain nutrients, herbs, and homeopathic medicines that are very specific, based on symptoms.

Please know we are trying our best to send out appropriate information right now. Our goal is to help.

We do not want people to panic.

We DO want people to stay home and in a week or two we will see how much longer we have to stay in, is our guess.

Can certain conditions predispose one to CV? Are some herbs harmful?

1) Increased risk in those with Hypertension and Diabetes –
(These folks should limit their contact with others. Don’t panic, but do STAY HOME, if you can.)

2) Anti-inflammatories like Ibuprofen

3) Sambucus and Cytokine storm (see Dr Romm’s article). For now, there are antiviral herbs that may work better.

We suggest texting/emailing neighbors or others close by to see if you can pool grocery store runs or other errands. Let’s all do our part to reduce the spread. We are all in this together.

With love,
Blue Oak Clinic Providers & Staff