Clinic Fees Schedule & Policies

It is our goal to provide quality service and we make every effort to minimize the cost of your medical care. Full payment is required at the time of service. We accept payment by cash, check or credit card (Visa or MasterCard). Checks or charges that are denied for lack of funds will incur a fee of $35.00 per transaction.

Lab tests, prescribed medicines, and medical procedures are not included in the cost of an office visit.

Naturopathic Consultation

Prices reflect complexity of the visit and time spent; the range is $125 to $325 for a first office visit and $65 to $160 for a follow up visit.

An average cost for a first visit is $285 and follow up visits are usually $85; your visit may cost more or less than this average amount depending on complexity and time spent.  First office visits typically take between 60 – 90 minutes and return visits typically take between 15- 30 minutes.  If you have a complex medical history, your visits with the doctor may be longer.

Telephone Consultations/House Calls

Telephone consultations are available for our established patients.   A fee will apply to all telephone consultations.

House calls are also available for patients who are physically unable to come to the clinic.  Standard office visit fees apply plus travel time.

Cancellation Policies:

Appointments cancelled with greater than 24 hours notice will incur no charge. There will be a $50.00 fee for appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. A full office visit fee will be charged for failure to provide any notice of cancellation.


If you have questions about our services or to schedule an appointment,

please call us at  (520) 322-WELL (9355).

All new patients should print and fill out the forms listed under “Clinic Forms.”